Simulado Inglês

 1) Ana Julia says: "This is our country, it will be the country of my children and the children of my children and I am concerned about the future." 

The word concerned means:

 a) Relaxed. 

b) Happy. 

c) Upset. 

d) Worried. 

e) Sad.

2)“Pressure” (l. 51) could be translated as:

a) Preciosa. 

b) Primeira.

 c) Precisa.

 d) Preço.

 e) Pressão.

3)Which of the nouns below can be put into plural: 

(A) Book. 

(B) Information.

 (C) Chocolate. 

(D) Bread.

 (E) Fruit.

4) Mark the correct sentence: 

(A) Her dog is faster then the bike.

 (B) Pedro is youngest of his family. 

(C) Paris is the better city for romance. 

(D) I am taller than my brother. 

(E) Pizza is the most favorist dinner for teenagers.