17 de dez. de 2021

CoinMarketCap's crypto Christmas


CoinMarketCap Earn

Win 10,000 USDT Worth of Christmas Gifts!

Thank you for helping us reach 300,000 Subscribers on YouTube.
We are beyond grateful, to each and single one of you, Thank you! 

In the spirit of Christmas we'd like to reward you guys and give you some Christmas gifts!  

We have more than $10,000 USDT to give out and...

If we reach 500,000 before Christmas Day, we may be able to give you $20,000 worth of gifts! 

With one lucky winner taking home either $5,000 or $10,000 USDT as a Christmas present.

How to Participate

  • Go to this page 

  • Make Sure You Are Subscribed 

  • Enter Your Email 

  • Get Your Unique Referral Link 

  • Send it to ALL your friends 

  • See yourself go up the leaderboard! 

But we don't want you to "JUST" subscribe, here at CoinMarketCap we strive to make the  best and most entertaining crypto videos possible. From crypto news to market moves and most importantly, educational how to videos.

That is why each day, starting December 20th we will be doing multiple videos and livestreams a day. Covering the Metaverse, Web 3.0, Crypto Cities, The Future of Crypto, and considering a big part of our YouTube audience is international, we will be doing videos and hosting live panels covering India, Turkey, Brazil and South East Asia.

We are very excited. 

All you have to do is watch, learn something new and just tell a friend to join and subscribe alongside you. 

How? - By going to this page now! 

Once you are subscribed, the more people you refer the higher up the leaderboard you go, and the higher your chances of winning! And remember if we do reach 500,000 subscribers by December 25th, ALL THE PRIZES DOUBLE, with one lucky winner taking home $10,000 USDT.

Now, don't cheat, if you are discovered using bots, you will be disqualified! 

So be careful! 

The page goes live on Monday, make sure you bookmark it, to not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to win and make your Christmas very special.

Good luck! 

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