18 de dez. de 2021

Ready To Learn About NEAR Protocol?


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Ready To Learn About NEAR Protocol?


To Earn $400,000 of NEAR!


Join the NEAR Protocol (NEAR
Learn & Earn Campaign!

CoinMarketCap works with trusted & emerging projects to offer its users an easy way to learn about cryptocurrencies while earning crypto-assets as a reward.

CoinMarketCap users can learn about NEAR Protocol (NEAR) through the Learn & Earn campaign and take a short quiz to get rewarded for their newfound knowledge.

The NEAR reward tokens will be distributed randomly among the users who complete the quiz successfully before the campaign concludes.

The NEAR Protocol "Learn & Earn" Campaign's reward pool is $400,000 worth of NEAR tokens. Successful users will receive NEAR tokens worth $10 as well as 50 Diamonds as a reward.

The NEAR Protocol "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.12.03 (12:00 PM UTC) to 2022.01.02 (23:59:59 PM UTC)

Lesson 1
What is NEAR?

NEAR is a layer-1 blockchain that is simple to use, super fast, and incredibly secure. NEAR has been awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label from the South Pole and is actively helping users and developers reimagine finance, community, and creativity. 

Lesson 2

NEAR Wallet & Staking

NEAR wallet is a non-custodial, web-based application, that gives you full control over your assets — allowing you to create, play, and stake without restrictions. Sign up takes just a few clicks.

Lesson 3
NEAR Sharding in a Nutshell

NEAR’s blockchain uses a revolutionary new type of sharding tool called Nightshade to help create infinite scalability and speed.

Lesson 4
The Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a gateway to other blockchains. The Bridge allows users to seamlessly connect NEAR with other blockchains allowing the movement of tokens into new ecosystems with little more than a few clicks. 

Lesson 5
Join Only1 today!

Aurora allows Ethereum's most popular applications to leverage NEAR's powerful blockchain protocol to dramatically increase scalability and efficiency while cutting fees by up to 99.99%.

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